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Safety is the #1 reason to use Rust, by leaps and bounds. But is Rust’s safety a compelling reason to use it?

This article is Part 3 in a 7-Part Series.

How do you know whether Rust’s safety guarantees are enough of a reason to use Rust for your next systems project?

This video gives evidence from around the industry that Rust is already helping with safety, while a later video in the series tries to explain how the Rust compiler achieves this safety.

A few highlights from this video:

  • Microsoft is using Rust to target memory-critical parts of Windows
  • As Android has added Rust code, memory safety vulnerabilities dropped from 76% to 35%, because they have not yet found even one memory bug in any Rust code.
  • NSA identified Rust as the only safe language that is not Garbage Collected.
  • NIST names Rust a safer language, the first modern language on the list.

This article is Part 3 in a 7-Part Series.