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Rust is more complicated and difficult to learn than most programming languages. How long does it take to learn?

This article is Part 5 in a 7-Part Series.

Earlier in this series we’ve learned that Rust gives us both important memory safety and high performance.

That sounds like the best of both worlds, but it does come at a cost: Rust is more difficult to learn than many other programming languages.

The question is how difficult is it to learn Rust, and therefore how much should the ease of learning the language affect our decisions of when to use Rust for new systems programming projects.

The answer of how long it takes a systems programmer to learn Rust is remarkably consistent across many companies, including my own. In this video I bring together public quotes from various companies’ engineers discussing how long it takes experienced systems programers to become proficient in Rust.

This article is Part 5 in a 7-Part Series.